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South Suburban announces results of 2018 board of directors' election

May 08 2018

Official Results of the 2018 board of directors' election

The election results were certified by the Board of Canvassers on May 17, 2018.

Susan Pye, Pete Barrett, and Dave Lawful have each  been elected to serve one, four-year term on the South Suburban Board of Directors. They will join current board members Scott LaBrash and Jim Taylor.

Scott LaBrash is term-limited, and will retire from the Board in May 2020. Jim Taylor will end his term in May 2020.Taylor previously served as a board member from 1986 - 2000, before term limits were established.

Board members John Ostermiller, Mike Anderson and Pam Eller are term-limited, and will retire from the Board this month.

The results are:

Jerry Bakke: 511
*Pete Barrett: 841
Charlie Blosten: 658
Michael G. Kohut: 108
*Dave Lawful: 794
Jeff Monroe: 290
Dan Purse:  146
*Susan Pye:  1,220
Tom Wood:  620

For more information about the election, visit our Election Page or call 303.798.5131.