Charitable Donation Requests Policy

The District regularly receives many requests from a wide variety of organizations and groups for donations to support their variety of needs in the form of passes to various District facilities, programs, and activities.
Due to the number of requests, the District has developed this on-line charitable donation request system to make it easier for requestors and to streamline the administrative process.

  • All requests must be submitted through the District’s website HERE. Only complete applications will be accepted.  Requests by e-mail, phone, or in-person will not be considered.
  • Only registered non-profit organizations, educational institutions (or recognized affiliates such as booster clubs, etc.) and governmental entities are considered with sufficient documentation.  Requests from/for individuals, businesses, political/partisan organizations and requests seeking prizes for recognition programs will not be considered.
  • Consideration will be given to organizations that are located in the District or that provide service to a substantial number of District residents or for organizations who regularly rent or use District facilities.
  • SSPR limits donations to once per year for each requesting organization.
  • All approved donations are at the discretion of the District and may include passes for access to District facilities, programs or activities.  The District will not donate cash or pro-shop gift-cards.
  • All requests must be submitted at least one (1) month prior to the date of the event. Notification of awards and denials will be made by email within a week of the initial request.
  • Approved donations will be sent by mail to the requesting organizations no later than a week prior to their event.

All requests will be carefully assessed to determine if it meets the District’s Mission and Guiding Principles.

South Suburban Park and Recreation District reserves the right to deny any and all requests and to eliminate offering charitable donations without prior notice.

For all questions pertaining to the SSPR Charitable Donation program, contact Mindy Albert at