Celebrate the new Riverside Downs at the South Platte River with us!

Celebrate the new Riverside Downs at the South Platte River with us!

Sep 16 2015

Take Me To the River, Moon River, Down by the River. There’s a reason so much has been written and sung about rivers. Rivers are the lifeblood of the earth. The new Riverside Downs at the South Platte River combines both park and open space enhancements and improved access to the South Platte River. It is located adjacent to the similarly named commercial center that houses several restaurants, retail spaces and offices, between Prince St. and Belleview in Littleton.

The goal is to merge the established commercial businesses with the nearby preserved open space and orient the Center’s visitors toward the South Platte River and the Mary Carter Greenway trail.

A public dedication of the park and open space is scheduled for Thursday, September 24 from 4:30 – 6:30 pm. Festivities will take place adjacent to the Riverside Downs plaza area that features a fountain, located on the east side of the Center. All are invited to enjoy food and entertainment, and experience a unique inauguration of the project. Representatives from The City of Littleton, South Suburban Parks and Recreation, Arapahoe County and Littleton Capital Partners will participate.

The Riverside Downs project was funded by the City of Littleton and Arapahoe County Open Spaces and cost approximately $1 million. South Suburban Parks and Recreation helped oversee the bidding, design and construction management, and will share maintenance of the project.

Construction on the park and open space began in late April. A wide set of terraced concrete steps were installed, adding additional seating and providing easy access down to the open space and river.

New amenities adjacent to the Center include a brand new bocce ball court, and a small outdoor performance area. With the support and participation of the property owners, Littleton Capital Partners, more than 400 feet of new concrete trail will be constructed from the current plaza area north to Belleview Ave.

The completed project includes improved access to Riverside Downs Shopping Center, landscaping and additional trees, lighting, benches, picnic tables, trash receptacles, improved aesthetics, and placement of seating boulders with a view to the river. The South Platte River attracts anglers, stand up paddle boarders, tubers, kayakers and more. The hope is to bring walkers, cyclists, water enthusiasts and shoppers together.