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South Suburban Public Art Committee to decommission two pieces at Cornerstone Park

South Suburban Public Art Committee to decommission two pieces at Cornerstone Park

Mar 05 2019

South Suburban Public Art Committee (SSPAC) has voted to decommission two art pieces located at Cornerstone Park. Part of the decommissioning process is to publicly announce SSPAC’s intent to remove the sculptures, Poison Dart Frog and Sea Shells.

SSPAC acquired both pieces in approximately 1997. Poison Dart Frog is located near the restroom and shelter building, north of the playground.  The sculpture is in poor condition, and is missing parts and the finish shows significant wear. The artist is unknown. SSPAC voted to decommission Poison Dart Frog at its February 26, 2019 meeting. 

Sea Shells, by local artist Kathy Holt, is located south of the playground. The sculpture/benches were originally fabricated with ceramic caps with metal bases; however, the metal bases were not able to withstand use and were replaced with concrete bases. The concrete bases have significantly deteriorated. One piece has been permanently removed due to damage. The SSPAC voted to decommission Sea Shells at its April 24, 2018 meeting. 

Both sculptures will be presented for decommissioning to South Suburban Parks and Recreation (SSPR) Board at the March 27, 2019 meeting. If approved, both sculptures will be removed in 2019.

If you have comments contact SSPR Senior Park Planner Pamela Cornelisse at 303.483-7020; or