Tennis at South Suburban

With nearly 50 tennis courts located throughout the District, it’s easy to practice your serve, lobs, forehands and backhands. The District has 6 indoor courts at the Littleton Tennis Center, "The Bubble."

On-line Reg Opens: Fall 2021 (Sep, Oct, Nov) - classes go live July 20.

Tournaments & Special Offerings

Level 7 - South Suburban Jr Challenger #1 (Sat. June 26)

- Boys'/Girls' 12 Green Ball
- Boys'/Girls' 14 Yellow Ball

Level 7 - South Suburban Jr Challenger #2 (Sat. July 9)

- Boys'/Girls' 12 Green Ball
- Boys'/Girls' 14 Yellow Ball
- Boys'/Girls' 16 Yellow Ball

Level 7 - South Suburban Jr Challenger #3 (Sat. Aug 14)

- Boys'/Girls' 12 Green Ball
- Boys'/Girls' 14 Yellow Ball

USTA Leagues

2021 League Season Info

Junior Programs & Classes

- Summer Squads (beg/int players) for orange and green ball (ROGY) kids.
- Champs Camps (new to the sport) at deKoevend Park in half day week sessions.
- Swim &Tennis (new to the sport) at Holly Tennis Center in 3-day sessions per week.
- Golf & Tennis (new to the sport) at Littleton & Lone Tree
- TGA (recreational) half and full day camps

Year-round offerings for the following programs:

(beginner/intermediate progression program)


  • Development Academy: For beginner "older" players who are new to the game. Focus on the fundamentals of the game and learning quickly to work onto a Jr. High or JV level team. Designed for progression into Pre-Academy
  • Pre-Academy: Intermediate level class for youth players who are moving up quickly. Participation on ROGY orange and green ball first preferred. Focuses on strokes, skills, game strategies and tactics for advancing into tournaments and Jr/Sr High teams. Designed for progression into Academy.
  • Littleton Advanced Academy: Advanced class with specific strategies for competitive tournament players and JV/Varsity experience. Advancement into Academy requires Pre-Academy and authorization of Pros.

Adult Classes

NTRP Adult Drill Classes are designed to improve your technique by working on the fundamentals. Enroll based on your NTRP level; 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+

Twice A Week Drills - Work on technique and strategies two days per week. These classes fill fast!

Super Drills - Skills, Drills & Cardio Options - Get your heart-rate up and hit a ton of balls. Nothing crazy just you and your racquet.

In-House Leagues at the Bubble

We offer women's (3.5, 4.0 and 4.0+/4.5 NTRP) and men's 4.0 NTRP in-house leagues. These are team based and registration is completed as a team.   
2021-22 In-House Waitlist Team Form

Block Time / PCT Information

2021-22 Session:
- Full Session: Sep 12 - Apr 8 (26 weeks)
- Fall portion: Sep 12 - Dec 18 (13 weeks except Thur 12 weeks)
- Winter portion: Jan 2 - Apr 8 (13 weeks except Sat 12 weeks)
Selected participants are for the full session. Two separate payments are collected, one for Fall and one for Winter.

No Play Dates & Bye Weeks
- Fall Classic Tournament: TBD (late Nov)
- Thanksgiving Day
- Holiday Break: Dec 19 - Jan 1
- Valentine's Classic Tournament: Feb 5 - 11

Renewal Timeline for Prior Participants
- July 1: renewal application emailed to prior participants
- July 20: Town Hall meeting at Buck Recreation Center | 6:30pm
- July 23: Application Deadline
- July 26 - Aug 1: Review of applications 
- Aug 2 - 6: Notification of slot to applicant
- Aug 18: Payment for Fall session due 
- Dec 1: Payment for Winter session due

GROUP Wait List Form: For a group of players looking for a permanent weekly time to play.

INDIVIDUAL Interest Form:  For individuals looking to possibly join an already established group.

Tennis Staff


Tennis Coordinators

Mia Settlemire
303.794.5838 x 45126

Katherine Ross
303.794.5838 x 45122



$35/hr District
$48/hr Non-District
No walk-on
Summer Rates 50%

$8/hr District
$10/hr Non-District
Walk-on free
No Lights 11/1 - 3/31

Holiday Closures
Thanksgiving: 3pm
Christmas Eve: 3pm
Christmas: closed
New Year's Eve: 3pm

Our Pros

Private lessons? ssprtennis@gmail.com

Brion Salazar, USPTA
Dave Jussila, USPTR
Doron Popper, USPTA
Doug Schoelzel, USPTA
Ed Skarwecki, USPTA
Katie Cochran, USPTA
Mary Moses, USPTA
Shane Houy, USPTR

Weather Line
Rainout Line
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Tennis Extensions:
  • Littleton Tennis: 19
  • Holly Tennis Center: 20
  • deKoevend: 21
  • Lone Tree Tennis Center: 22

Court Locations for South Suburban

Arapaho Park (2 Courts)
7800 S Adams St
Centennial CO

Charley Emely (Ridgewood) Park (2 Courts)
2301 W Briarwood Ave
Littleton, CO

Cook Creek Tennis Courts (2 Courts)
8641 Kachina Way
Lone Tree, CO

deKoevend (6 Lighted Courts)
6301 S University Blvd
Centennial, CO

Gallup Park (4 Courts)
6147 S Gallup St
Littleton, CO

Harlow Park (4 Courts)
5151 S Lowell Blvd
Littleton, CO

Holly Tennis Center (6 Lighted Courts)
6651 S Krameria Wy
Centennial, CO

Littleton Tennis Center (6 Indoor Courts)
5800 S Federal Blvd
Littleton, CO

Lonesome Pine (2 Courts)
501 Maximus
Littleton, CO

Lone Tree Tennis Center (6 Courts, 4 lighted)
9810 Sunningdale Blvd
Lone Tree, CO

Otero Park (2 Courts)
6300 E Otero Dr
Centennial, CO

Rusty Sun (2 Courts)
8147 S Niagara St
Centennial, CO

Sheridan Park (4 Lighted Courts)
3325 W Oxford Ave
Sheridan, CO

Walnut Hills Elementary (2 Courts)

8195 E Costilla Blvd
Centennial, CO